Recipe of Award-winning Tri-Color No-bake Cheesecake Topped with Jello

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  • Nov 09, 2020

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let’s go back to tri-color no-bake cheesecake topped with jello recipe. To cook tri-color no-bake cheesecake topped with jello you only need 13 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you do it.

The ingredients needed to prepare Tri-Color No-bake Cheesecake Topped with Jello:

  1. Use of The cookie crust at the bottom:.
  2. You need of Plain biscuits (cookies).
  3. Get of Butter (salted is fine).
  4. Take of For the no-bake cheesecake batter:.
  5. Prepare of Cream cheese.
  6. Prepare of Granulated sugar.
  7. Get of Heavy cream.
  8. Get of Lemon juice (bottled is fine).
  9. You need of Powdered gelatin.
  10. Take of Jello layer: (See Recipe ID: 1050768).
  11. Provide of Citrus fruits (orange, iyokan, decopon, etc.).
  12. Get of Granulated sugar.
  13. Prepare of Powdered gelatin.

Instructions to make Tri-Color No-bake Cheesecake Topped with Jello:

  1. Measure the ingredients. Crush the biscuits. Soak the 4 g and 2 g of gelatin separately in water. Grease the mold with butter (not listed)..
  2. Melt butter in the microwave and mix with the crushed biscuits until well blended..
  3. When it comes together, pack it down on the bottom of the cake mold tightly. I do this by covering my hand in plastic wrap and pressing..
  4. Chill in the refrigerator until firm. If you are in a hurry, chill in the freezer. (You don't need a paper lining if you are using a 15 cm diameter mold.).
  5. Microwave the cream cheese briefly to soften, and beat with a handheld mixer. Add sugar and fresh cream in several batches while mixing. Add lemon juice also, and mix until smooth..
  6. When the batter increases to about 1.5 times its original volume and is smooth, turn off the mixer. Warm the 4 g of softened gelatin in the microwave, and add it little by little to the batter while mixing..
  7. When the gelatin is mixed in well, pour the batter into the mold. Smooth out the surface by using a spatula or shaking it a bit. Chill to set in the refrigerator. (It should take around 3 hours.).
  8. If the cream cheese is too cold in Step 6, the gelatin may coagulate and become grainy. In the wintertime, warm the cream cheese mixture until lukewarm by holding the bowl over a pan of hot water or microwaving it briefly..
  9. Use whatever citrus fruit you like. The three listed above are recommended! This is iyokan. Peel the membranes. Shred apart half the pulp finely, and the other half in bigger chunks..
  10. Add 30 g of sugar and mix. When the cheesecake from Step 7 has set, add enough water so that it comes up to 200 ml..
  11. Heat 2 g of gelatin and add to the pulp mix. When it's cold, heat the citrus pulp to about body temperature before adding the gelatin..
  12. Cool the jello well. (Put the bottom of the bowl over another bowl of cold water and mix, or chill in the refrigerator.) Pour the jello over the cheesecake..
  13. Scatter the larger chunks of citrus chunks evenly while you cover the top of the cheesecake completely. Work gently so that you don't poke holes into the cheesecake..
  14. Chill in the refrigerator for another 3 hours, and it's done. It's hard to unmold the cake right after it comes out of the refrigerator, so leave it at room temperature for a while..
  15. Cut through for a nice look at the three different layers..
  16. To soften the gelatin, add 3 to 4 times its weight in water. Be sure to soften the gelatin in water first, and then heat it up to body temperature..

It's fantastic for parties or special occasions where you want to A smooth dessert with fluffy, almost mousse-like filling and a thick, buttery graham cracker crust. Top with with fresh fruit, caramel sauce, or whipped cream! It is NOT a New York cheesecake, but I think it's pretty close to the cheesecake you get in many restaurants with the fruit topping. The classic American dessert made easy with JELL-O's NO BAKE CHEESECAKE MIX, graham cracker crust mix included. Creamy, delicious cheescake ready in no time!

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